Two hikers enjoying a rest in a meadow in Mondseeland
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From a pleasure-filled stroll to a climbing adventure for summiteers, around Camp MondSeeLand you will find routes, trails and paths that will delight your hiking heart. Look forward to enjoying a special natural and outdoor adventure in Mondseeland in the Salzkammergut, on the northern edge of the Alps.

Hiking tips around the campsite

Start out into the natural surroundings in Mondseeland direct from the campsite, across lush meadows, through cool woodlands, to impressive summits from which you can enjoy a superb panoramic view to the turquoise Mondsee and the surrounding mountains in Austria. Tips for the loveliest hikes, mountain tours and excursions are also available from us in person at the campsite Reception.

Tour suggestions in the hiking paradise of the Salzkammergut

Easy hikes for families & connoisseurs

Explore the magical streams, enchanted woodlands and adventure-filled gorges while hiking and camping with children. Enjoy a family walk through Helene Valley, located at a cool stream, a circuit of the forest complete with trip to the chapel or a stroll to Leidingerhof, where you get to enjoy the best panoramic view to Mondseeland.

‘Helententalweg’ – romantic & tranquil

A hike in Helene Valley is wild, romantic and tranquil. The hiking path proceeds to the left from the campsite along the road, at the Zellerache, heading to Erlachmühle. From there continue then through the wild and romantic Helene Valley to Mondsee.

Kolomansberg – on historic paths

In the footsteps of St. Koloman to the oldest wooden church in Austria. At Camp MondSeeLand a forest path proceeds to Ritzen Chapel and continues from there via a steep hiking path to Schernthan-Alm. Enjoy the wonderful views into Salzburg’s mountains from there. Then follow the signposted path to Koloman church, the oldest wooden church in Austria. This area is regarded as an energy-filled place, inviting you to stay for a while. The descent proceeds to Hochsernerhof, from there you once again enjoy a wonderful view to Mondsee and Irrsee. The descent then continues through an area of natural woodland, back to the campsite.

Drachenwand – one of the loveliest tours in the Salzkammergut

One of the most impressive mountains at Mondsee is there waiting to be scaled.
Shortly after the start at Gasthof Drachenwand bear right, heading into the woodland until you come to Thekla chapel. Head across the wooden bridge and bear right. Follow the "Drachenwand" signposts until you get to the summit.
Tip: Sure-footedness and a head for heights is definitely required.

via the Eisenau to the Schafberg – dreamy views

One of the many ways to tackle the Schafberg!
At the ‘Kreuzstein’ car park, the routes heads steep uphill until you get to the Kreuzstein waterfall. Keep going through the woodland, crossing stream courses and well secured paths, until you reach Eisenauer Alm. This route is also easy to walk with children and is a unique experience. At the Eisenau, bear right, across Alpine pastures, into the forest. A steep ascent to Suissensee follows. Once you get to the top, the path proceeds right, below the summit of the Schafberg. The final section is the so-called pearly gates. Once you get to the Schafberg, a breath-taking view is your reward for the ascent!  
Tip: From the Eisenau sure-footedness and a head for heights are required!

Almkogel – Panoramic views to Mondsee & Mondseeland

The hike to the Almkogel starts at the car park close to Gasthaus Drachenwand. From there, head into the woodland until you reach Thekla chapel. After crossing the Klausbach keep left and follow the steep ascent through the forest up to the summit of the Almkogel. Here you will be rewarded with a fantastic view across MondSeeLand. The hike continues via a forest road to Eibensee, a idyllically located natural paradise. The return path again crossed the forest trail back to the Almkogel and there is then a descent to Mondsee.

Tour planning & Hiking maps

The region’s interactive hiking maps help with planning mountain tours and hiking routes:

Camping in a lake-filled area

Drone images of Camp Mondseeland

Anticipation is the loveliest pleasure

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