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Turquoise waters, impressive mountain summits and a dreamily beautiful landscape between Mondsee and Irrsee in the Salzkammergut are the hallmarks of MondSeeLand. The well-known Drachenwand and Schafberg, the viewing mountain, in the Salzkammergut provide the backdrop for the scenic town of Mondsee and its picturesque town centre, and the well-known St. Michael Basilica.

Highlights in MondSeeLand

The landscape between Mondsee and Irrsee is variety-packed and so too are the options available for nature lovers, activity fans and sports enthusiasts. You really get to relax and unwind in Camp MondSeeLand and enjoy the natural surroundings, or get active and enjoy the Salzkammergut and the surrounding area.


As an extensive swimming lake, Mondsee and its turquoise waters provides an extensive selection of leisure activities – whether it is water skiing, pedalo rides, sailing, surfing or a romantic boat trip – there is something to suit everyone here.

Fun and activities are guaranteed here in Alpenseebad Mondsee which has a pontoon, children's splash pool, water skiing, beach volleyball, playground, water games, table tennis, fun park and numerous water slides for your holiday at Mondsee. The green areas and lounge areas span some 20,000 m², making Alpenseebad Mondsee the biggest outdoor swimming facility in the Salzkammergut.

Irrsee (Lake Zell)

Anyone looking for relaxation will find paradise at the swimming lake, Irrsee. As the warmest lake in the Salzkammergut in Upper Austria, close to the state border with Salzburg, Irrsee swimming lake is a gem, being a nature conservation area, with natural moors and a key habitat for the flora and fauna.


The impressive Drachenwand takes its name from a hole in the rocks. Legend has it that a dragon, who had snatched a priest’s cook, took a nosedive into it.

Mondsee – History & Culture

The market town of Mondsee nestles in a picturesque location at the banks of a lake bearing the same name, between Schafberg, Mondseeberg and Drachenwand. Mondsee looks back upon a long history. At the shore area of Mondsee, Neolithic pottery and tools made from stone and bones were discovered; these are believed to be the remnants of a pile-dwelling culture. Science coined the name ‘Mondsee group’ after the main find site was uncovered at Mondsee.  Mondseeland Museum has an extensive collection of pile-dwelling artefacts.  

The oldest preserved complete book to be written in Austria, the so-called Tassilo Psalter, originated in Mondsee some time before 788. Shortly after 800, the so-called Mondseer Matthäus – the oldest bible translation in German - was written here.

Mondsee monastery

Mondsee monastery is one of the oldest monasteries in Austria. After secularisation, it was named Mondsee Castle and is today chiefly used as an area for shops and events. The monastic church of St. Michael was raised to the status of Basilica minor in 2005 by Pope John Paul II. and is the parish church of Mondsee. The three-aisled Basilica church interior of the former monastery is one of the most important architectural monuments in Austria.

Golf at Mondsee

To wonderful golf courses set in an idyllic location on the banks of Mondsee and at the foot of the Drachenwand provide golfers with superb panoramic views as they tee-off.

other sights in and around Mondsee

Visit the ‘Rauchhaus’, the ‘Pfahlbaumuseum’ and the oldest Baroque church in Austria, or listen to the sounds of Mondsee brass band and Tiefgraben Trachtenmusikkapelle group.

Mondseeland is a paradise for relaxation. Barely any other region in Austria offers such a variety of leisure and sports activities and such scenic beauty. Experience a unique holiday in Camp MondSeeLand, surrounded by mountains, lakes, meadows and forests in the Salzkammergut.

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